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The purpose of this year-long course in Engineering is to bring forward student understanding and appreciation for the Engineering career.  Students will learn to utilize both the design process and engineering process to problem solve and bring forth viable solutions to real world problems.  This course requires a strong commitment to processes and carrying out solutions. 


Tech Ed 7 is a required class for all Warroad 7th graders. Although it is required students should look at being in the shop and using the equipment as a privilege. There is a zero tolerance for safety violations. It is the responsibility of each student to follow all safety procedures not just for their safety but their fellow classmates.

  Proper safety precautions will be covered before any equipment is used. Students will then demonstrate a working knowledge of the safety rules and proper operating procedures before any equipment may be used.

Advanced chemistry will cover topics including:  Scientific measurement, atomic structure, the periodic table, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, calculations with the mole, reactions, stoichiometry, equilibrium, acids and bases, gas laws, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry.

U.S. Government is a college level course at Warroad High School.

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